Is Natural – the Right Choice?

Industrial or natural cosmetics? Two irreconcilable extremes, which, fortunately, is being talked about more and more.

Industrial products – fragrant and foamy are a great challenge for each young person, and such was the case with me, too. I got trapped and soon accustomed to use trendy bubble baths, popular shower gels without thinking about what they were made of. It never occurred to me that a bunch of fragrant additives only served to mask the smell of cheap raw materials, and that chemicals, petroleum products, synthetic fragrances and preservatives in them could never be friends to my skin. Furthermore, I did not doubt their quality, even when my skin became so dry that it began to flake because the only thing that mattered to me was that I smelled nice. What a delusion it was!?

And then my children came and with them maternal responsibility as well. I carefully started supervising each detail about their upbringing, even the product declarations. As a technologist, I was amazed by the declarations contents on skin care products. I thought about my previous skin care routine and realized that I was the very one who had recklessly made my own skin be dry and premature more quickly than it should be. Now I was in panic wondering how to help myself and my children, how to preserve the skin, and thus health, because the skin is the first line of our bodies’ defense. Then I remembered an old chest of drawers that smelled of soaps made by my mum’s hands. While wondering what to do, the answer arose: “Make your own soap, help your children’s skin. That’s what your mother did.” That is how my first soap came about. Now my teenagers have a clean face, and my skin is no longer dry and flaky.

In the end, we should all ask ourselves: “What is the soap?” because the answer will help us make the right choice – industrial or natural? Most of the answers would be, “Of course we know, what kind of stupid question is that?” In fact, there are no stupid questions, there are only bad answers.

So let me explain that the soap IS NOT every solid, nice smelling and foamy form that we use for washing, as most people think. It is really necessary to say it because it is quite usual to find clean detergents in the role of a soap, and they are means of cleaning any surfaces and textiles, but not human skin. Furthermore, if they are used in the role of soap, they dry the skin, cause irritation, skin flaking, dermatitis etc. Inconvenience and problem, right? Well, the solution is in nature and natural products whose raw materials are vegetable and essential oils, aromatic and spicy herbs. After all, the right choice is obvious.

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