Handmade Soap Effects on the Skin

On the surface of a healthy skin there is so-called hydrolipid barrier created by the work of sebaceous and sweat glands. Its role is to almost completely prevent the penetration of infectious and toxic substances from the external environment. When the skin is undamaged, this barrier works properly.

So, how to remove impurities, grease, dirt and makeup residue from the skin without damaging this barrier? Only water is not enough. That is why we need an ally in the fight against impurities. But that ally should not at all be a detergent containing parabens, triclosan and sulfates like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (NLS). And what kind of substances are these? They are substances that really remove impurities and dirt from the surface, but also affect dissolution of the lipid barrier and change into normal skin acidity (skin pH). Furthermore, a prolonged exposure can ultimately lead to a development of inflammatory reactions. All in all, they are too strong for the skin and cause its dehydration, leaving the skin cells without the necessary moisture. Therefore DO NOT USE products that contain them.

So how to clean our skin safely? The right choice is a handmade soap because it does not contain the mentioned harmful substances but it is made from selected natural raw materials: vegetable oils and butters, essential oils, white and green clay, medicinal, spicy and aromatic herbs. This type of soap is the very one which gives us a clean and healthy skin and can be also considered its best friend because it does not dry it out.

So in order to love it, let’s meet it!

  • It cleanses and does not endanger the skin hydrolipid barrier and its natural acidity
  • Its pH prevents the microorganisms reproduction on the skin
  • It alleviates skin changes that bother you or your loved ones
  • It is rich in glycerin which makes your skin soft and hydrated
  • It does not pollute nature
  • It is done by hand, in small batches
  • It has a priceless ingredient called LOVE

Now when you’ve met it, you can, without fear, put it into your daily routine, just as I do.

Starting the morning with it, enjoying creaking purity of the skin and the scent of the essential oil in it which promises a good beginning of a perfect day.

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