About us

“Perla Cosmetics” is a workshop – the place where we create products that are a combination of tradition and modern knowledge.

The beginning of interests in this type of products is related to my early childhood and the memories for an old chest of drawers spreading the scents of soaps made by mum’s caring hands.

Her experiences in maintaining a perfect complexion in a natural way was the impetus for starting the sparkling story called “Perla Cosmetics”. Besides, the art of making traditional soaps was for me, as a technologist, a challenge and encouragement to start making “Perla” soaps first, and then other natural skin care products.

At first I started sharing my passion for these products with my family members who were involved in the business from the very beginning. Soon afterwards, numerous positive users’ experiences encouraged me to expand the team with my friend Snežana Vidaković registering the firm “Perla Cosmetics” as a workshop of handmade soaps, candles and natural cosmetics in July 2017 in Podgorica, supported by the Union of Employers through a project of the European Union.

The two of us are, above all, caring mothers and wives, and then passionate craftswomen, advocates of a healthy lifestyle and fans of nature and plants. Being aware of the possibilities that nature and plants provide us, we are continually trying to respond to the needs and problems that modern man has concerning maintaining skin hygiene and its health. We do believe that only healthy skin can be beautiful skin.

Our basic principles are preserving the tradition, dedication and consistent skin care, as well as a return to mother-nature from which we take its best ingredients that are the guarantee of our products quality.

Our soaps are unique in irresistible natural fragrant notes obtained through the use of essential oils as well as their pH which is equal to bottled water pH.

The experiences of our satisfied customers are encouragement to us as well as the indicator to a continuous improvement of our products quality.

In the end, we cordially invite you to join the family of the “Perla Cosmetics” products fans!

Founder,technologist Nedjeljka-Nena Raicevic


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