Perla Cosmetics

A handmade soap of traditional recipe created by mum’s caring hands, completely retaining glycerin whose essential role is to slow down the aging process of the skin, was our first product that was later followed by other natural skin care products.

Animal Friendly

Vegan Ingredients


No Parabens

Eco Friendly

Bottled Water pH

Palm Free

Zero waste

About us

“Perla Cosmetics” is a workshop – the place where we create products that are a combination of tradition and modern knowledge.

The beginning of interests in this type of products is related to my early childhood and the memories for an old chest of drawers spreading the scents of soaps made by mum’s caring hands.

Her experiences in maintaining a perfect complexion in a natural way was the impetus for starting the sparkling story called “Perla Cosmetics”. Besides, the art of making traditional soaps was for me, as a technologist, a challenge and encouragement to start making “Perla” soaps first, and then other natural skin care products.


shea butter, dried lavender, white clay
white clay, ground nettle, eucalyptus essential oil
cinnamon powder, ground sage, green clay
rosemary essential oil, dried rosemary leaf, green clay


Is Natural – the Right Choice?

Industrial or natural cosmetics? Two irreconcilable extremes, which, fortunately, is being talked about more and more. Industrial products – fragrant and foamy are a great

Where to buy?

Our products are available at several locations in Montenegro, such as Podgorica, Kotor, Tivat, Cetinje and Herceg Novi.