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Guest appearance on RTCG Channel in “Dnevna soba” chat programme

“Perla” team organized alive the first little workshop for making soaps in “Dnevna Soba” Studio and, along with the charming presenters of the show, we shared some helpful skin care tips.

We are very proud of our homemade oaps and we are extremely glad to share their benefits with you, our dear customers. Our soaps are natural, and beside their beautiful look and scent, they have one secret ingredient called LOVE!

Nena Raicevic, the founder and technologist in the manufacturing process: “By using natural soaps, we have the opportunity to nourish the skin in the right, healthy way. With such soaps we can’t damage our skin … ”
Watch the whole show by clicking on this LINK
Meet us in “Dnevna Soba” and visit our site at www.perlacosmetics.
Yours Nena Raičević and Sneža Vidaković

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