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Sapun karanfilić - kopriva - kakao - žalfija

Clove / green clay

I smell like gingerbread from the grandmother's kitchen
I am strong in fighting bacteria and fungi
I soothe the skin and make it extremely gentle
My green clay and sage are great skin care for oily skin

Eukaliptus - zelena glina - kopriva
Eucalyptus / green clay

I can offer spa refreshments
I relax and revitalize tired skin
I improve your mood and reduce the stress

I can help your morning start with a smile


Rosemary / green clay

I offer you the scent of the Mediterranean
I can improve  your microcirculation and relax your tired muscles
My green clay, rich in minerals, will tighten your skinI can also strengthen the immune system of your skin


lavanda- gijela glina

Lavender / Ground Lavender / White clay

I relax and reduce your body tension
My gentle touch can make the skin silky
I help you have peaceful sleep and relaxed senses
I am known as "mother of essential oils" and " the queen of the Mediterranean"



Vanilla / cocoa

I offer  the sweet smell of cakes and ice cream
I make the skin soft with  a mild “butterfly” vanilla touch
I am  girls' favorite one
I bring mind and body to a state of balance


Lavender / Turmeric / CocoaL

I am a successful combination of unusual  components
 My look and specific color is luxurious
You will be fascinated by my harmonious scent note
I can help you reduce skin irritations


sapun lavanda - aktivni ugalj

Lavender / activated charcoal

Thanks to my activated charcoal I am a strong acne and blackhead fighter
My lavender  soothes your skin
 I deeply clean pore impurities
I will show you how it looks when clear skin creaks


Cinnamon / cocoa / sage

I look like chocolate so much that many ones would like to bite me
My cinnamon and sage combination act like an antiseptic
 I make teenagers acne and pimples problems bearable
My microcirculation power makes me a suitable assistant in fighting against cellulite


eukaliptus - breza - bijela glina

Eucalyptus / birch / white clay

My eucalyptus will raise your energy level
The holy birch tree will give you the pleasure of clear and healthy skin
My white clay will prevent your skin from drying out especially the mature one
I offer purity and vitality in one


Body Care Oil

I extremely hydrate and recover the skin, especially extra dry one
I offer radiant glow and the breath of nature
I can make your skin beautiful, healthy and visibly nourished
I am particularly good for sensitive skin and during pregnancy
I am easy to apply and absorb, much easier than any body milk


Zašto ručno rađeni sapuni?

Why handmade soaps?

Kako se prave Perla Sapuni

How we made Perla  soaps

Nena Raičević i Sneža Vidaković

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