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Designers market – 1,2,3 November, Delta City Podgorica

Ulcinj Handicrafts Fair – 22 and 23 June, 17: 00-23: 30h

“Perla Cosmetics” traditionally at the Domestic Product Market at Porto Montenegro – June 21 and 22, 17-22h

“Perla Cosmetics” at the Montenegrin Crafts Fair at St Peter’s of Cetinje Square, Podgorica, June 17-20, 16-22h

The Fair organized by TO Cetinje at Dvorski trg- June 16, 10-18h

The Handicrafts Fair in front of The “Kamelija” Shopping Mall – June 15, 09-22h

The Handicrafts Fair – Pine Esplanade in Tivat on13 June, 18-23h

The”Valuable ladies’ hands” – May 21

Housewives will try their hands at a competition in preparing modern and traditional cakes.

All those who wish to exhibit everything that their valuable hands produce from wool and knitwear, to dairy and fruit products, stone, wattle or wood and so on can participate.

The “Valuable ladies’ hands”  will be held on May 21at the “Kuće Rakić” Hotel & Inn that will be the host to this modest idea at their beautiful surroundings.

The competition prizes will be also provided by the hospitable hosts.

The Fair at Porto Montenegro – May 21st

”Perla Cosmetics” and Primavera Festivity in Herceg Novi – May 12th

”Perla” will not miss the Primavera Festivity. Come to Herceg Novi on May 12, at the lower terrace of the City Cafe from 10am to 2pm. We are looking forward to seeing and meeting you.

Product Promotion at Plavnica Eco Resort

“Perla Cosmetics” is at Plavnica Eco Resort. Our handmade plant-based soaps have fulfilled this wonderful place with their scents … See you at our next destination, Primavera Festivity in Herceg Novi!
“Perla” soaps are a new wonder of an old technology. In a healthy way they make your skin no longer itchy and extra dry. They keep the skin healthy and oppose getting old too early. “Perla Cosmetics” team offer you heartily our hand-created lumps of joy crowned with high quality because everything in nature has something magnificent!

“PERLA” in Dubai

The National Tourist Organization (NTO), in cooperation with the local tourist organizations of Tivat, Kotor, Budva and Podgorica, organized for the first time an independent presentation of the Montenegrin tourist offer at the Arabian Travel Market, which was held from April 28 to May 1 in 2019 in Dubai.
The Arab Tourist Exchange is a leading global event for the Middle East tourism industry. It is a B2B event that brings together professionals in the field of travel and tourism, government officials and international media, with over 2,500 exhibitors from more than 150 countries.
We are extremely proud that some of the products from our workshop were presented at this event.