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About us

„The  Perla Cosmetics“ is a team of two of us – Nena Raičević, the founder and production technologist  and Sneža Vidaković who is an economist.

Prvi proizvod naše radionice su „Perla“ sapuni koji su nastali  kao rezultat potrebe za održavanjem higijene i njege kože na prirodnoj osnovi.

It is also  a workshop of handmade soaps, candles and cosmetics, which was founded in July 2017 in Podgorica, Montenegro,  with the support of the Employer’s Union through a European Union Project.

The first products of our workshop were “Perla” soaps, which were created as a result of need for maintaining hygiene and skin care on a natural basis.

However, our foamy story began a few years before the company founding when we had been making soaps only for our families and friends. After many positive experiences and with selfless support of our families, we decided to share our s soap enthusiasm with others.

The two of us are, above all, caring mothers and wives, and  also passionate handicraftswomen, healthy lifestyle devotees, and nature and herbs admirers.

We have been  also members of the Association of Business Women since the company foundation.

Finally, but not the least important to say is that we really feel happy that our herb-based cosmetics and soaps are joining the growing green movement in the world that strives to return a man to the nature, trying to teach him how to respect  the nature and how to benefit  from  its blessing which is selflessly offered to the man  although he does not often appreciate it in a proper way being  overshadowed  by industrial marketing.

Now we are heartily opening you the door of our Magic  Soapland  and warmly invite to join the fans family  of “Perla” products.